Girl Limitless?

Her limitations hold her back. She doesn’t realize her full potential. She is so much more than she imagines herself to be. She’s a writer, humorous speaker, crafter, teacher, mechanic, engineer, artist (I can’t list them all, but you get it), mother, teen mom, grandma, and sister.

Her ideas, hopes, dreams, and secrets live in a box on a shelf. Her dreams occasionally emerge from the box only to be put back in. She knows one day she’ll do something about it. She has a hard time believing that she’s good enough to have a better life. She’s better than good, and it’s time to show them, girl! Every Girl Limitless has a story. Shape your life in the direction of your dreams!

Girl Limitless is every woman who has struggled and overcame difficulties in her life. She may be too young to realize how brave and strong she is. It’s time to kick some Girl with Limitations ass! You don’t have to be her any longer. GIRL LIMITLESS is you.

Think different, think Girl Limitless.